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Thanks for being so flexible and easy to deal with!

Longino Distributing received Outstanding Achievement Award by the CRS Open Line Products Division. This award, labeling Longino Distributing as the “top SAM4s Distributor for 2012,” recognizes LD’s “outstanding contribution to the sale and promotion of CRS Open Line products.”

Just want you to know how much I appreciate Tonya, and for you to know she is BY FAR my favorite vendor to work with. 

As you can imagine I deal with quite a few people and companies, as I am
taking on more and more responsibilities here. She is ALWAYS so quick to
respond to my emails, always there to answer the phone, and answers my
questions in light speed!

So many people these days are hard to reach, or just don’t get back to me
period, but Tonya is always on the ball and has never once made a mistake. 
I value her attention to our account, and the way she makes me feel like
whatever I am asking for is as important to her as it is to me. 

You have a good one on your hands! Just wanted you to know!

Thanks again for all you do, 
National Business Systems