Powered by the Braswell Intel Celeron quad-core fanless processor and designed with a true flat touch panel, the SPT-4856 provides superior spill and dust resistance that ensures optimum performance in harsh retail and food service environments.

  • Projected Capacitive Touch Technology extends operating life.
  • Brasswell Intel Celeron N3160 Quad Core 2.24GHz Fanless Processor.
  • Bezel-less so debris will not collect and disrupt touch operation. Resists liquid splashes and allows easy clean up.
  • Closed case and fanless processor minimize incursion of dust and environmental debris.
  • The connection panel allows cables to be hidden and routed neatly through the base and out the rear of the terminal.

Standard Terminal Bundles Include Storage Drive, MCR, 4GB RAM and Specified Operating System:

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